HowTo: Add new fonts to your system


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BSR/electron - I just wrote this up for the CQC site, but just realized it has nothing to do with CQC, so you may want to move this thread to your HowTo forum. Not really HA related, it's a UI thing, so your call. I'll delete this piece if you move it.

If you didn't know, you can easily add more fonts to your system, which will allow your front-end to be that much cooler looking.
1) Go to one of the free font sites. Well, go pay if you want. I like this one that ellisr63 told us all about.
2) Find fonts you like from the 6000 that they have. Right-click, save somewhere on your machine. NOTE: You'll have to add this manually to all your PCs and tablets that you use your front-end on, so you might want to do what I did, which is to create a network-shared folder called \\networkshare\CQC\Fonts, and put them all in there.
3) [optional] Create a "super-set" of all fonts on all machines in your house. For some odd reason, i've noticed that all my machines had a different set of fonts. Go to each PC, copy everything from C:\Windows\Fonts to that network share in step #2
4) Now that the network share has all the fonts from each different machine, plus all the ones from step 2, go back to each PC and copy everything from \\networkshare\CQC\Fonts to each C:\Windows\Fonts directory. You'll notice a windows popup that says something like "installing fonts".

Et voila, now when you pull up your favorite front-end, you'll see all your nice new fonts! Post your favorite font names here so we can see what you did.

My favorite fonts (of the new, nonstandard ones that I added) are:
- Bajoran
- BankGothic
- BatmanForever
- CelticHand
- EastSide
- Handage
- Humanst521
- Notepad
- Papyrus
- Sadelle
- Sanity
- Vrinda