HS 1.7 / ELK / ELK Plug-in / UPB ????


I have HS 1.7 up and running and bought the ELK Plug-in last night. Got a .doc error on loading last night and ended up with no help file of instructions wo I'm winging it for now.

Can anyone help me in setting up the lighting functions?

I have all my lights defined with UPStart (Device 1 - 8, Network 7) and in ELK RP as Lights 1-8. The UPB serial interface is tied to the ELK through a Serial Port expander and functioning (I can turn the lights on and off using the ELK Panel).

What do I do to set up these lighting devices in HS with the plug-in. I can see the drop down for ELK when adding a device, but I have tried a lot of pre-defined device types for the switch, set them to A-1 through A-8, and can't get a light to function at all using HS.
Unless something changed recently (or I missed it when evaluating the plugin), the plugin does not support what you are trying to do. Have you tried getting in touch with the author or post in his support forum on the HST forums?
I am not an expert on Homeseer and it capabilities, but if you can send custom ASCII text strings to the M1 from Homeseer and write some Whenever...Then rules, you can control the lights that are connected to the M1.