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I have a Logitech QuickCam 4000 Pro (USB). I am trying to setup streaming video with it using the HomeSeer WebCam Plugin. If anyone here can help or thinks they can please chime in. I would like to work out the situation over the phone since there are so many things that it could be. If you can help but dont do phones then still chime in and i will take the time and try to explain what i have already done.

In a nutshell i have setup and even to start streaming from my cam and when i execute the event the cams light comes on indicating that its working but when i use WMP 9 and type in http://mydomain.com:8888 i get nothing.

At first it came up and asked me for my network password and username. I wasnt sure what that was so i entered my usuall user name and pw and got an invalid password error. Now when i try to log onto the same site using WMP 9 i get an error right away.

If i use http://localhost:8888 i dont get the error but the stream never starts. It says buffering but never finishes.

Glad to help with WME 9 issues.
You can call me or use 21425 on FWD with your own SIP client, or whatever.

Can you post your .wme config file? (or describe what settings you are using)

What speed machine is it?
OOPS... I didn't see that you are using a PLUG IN.
If you kill the plug in, can you stream succesfully from WME?
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Squintz ,
Have you tried iVista or WebCam32. I use both and they work out of the box and are very easy to set up.
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But I digress... webcam32.. I was looking at this for my x10 cam before I realized that it was total poop (I so wanna use that icon :p )... that I never even bothered with the trial.

What is the difference between iVista and Webcam32? Why use one over the other? Why use both?
IVista is bandwidth constrained.

I use Vision GS for JAVA cams, and WME for smooth streaming.
Just beware that using WME using a ton of resources and has a significant delay.

As fas as WebCam32 vs iVista. I use one for my USB camera and the other for my pan and tilt which is out of commision for now.