Insignia NS-BDLIVE01 Blue Ray Live Player


Saw this today on sale. The BB reviews are good but across the net other reviews are so so. It is a good price though. Never been too impressed with much of anything from BB. Heard things like some folks getting the older discontinued version when ordering them online.

Might check it out today. Someone tested USB ports to work and suggested that they might work with a HD too. Does upconverting. Nothing relating to DiVx though.

Personally always liked the "throw away" cheap players over the "name brand" ones having both types. The cheap players that I have were the first to play Divx files.

I decided not to buy one.

Interesting posts relating to a mis pricing of $10 for an LCD TV from BB.

Starting to believe that their sales are hurting and they just want publicity.

From what I have read relating to the above posted Insigna Blue Ray player is that it is a piece of junk not really working out of the box unless you did a firmware upgrade. Many folks still purchased it at $99 and BB still has it on "sale" at $15 less than their regular price.
Just a thought, since the PS3 just got a price drop, you could get a PS3 for $299 and have a very good blu-ray player with very easy updates as well as a nice video game system and even a multimedia center if you set it up right. I know it's three times the price of the special you're talking about (if it's still available), but if you like games at all and don't have a blu-ray player yet, it's a great deal.

Oh, but don't buy an expensive HDMI cable to go with the PS3. You can get one for like $10 if you purchase online, and as long as it's good enough to connect properly, it will be 100% clear and look just as good as Monster cables. The only advantage that Monster cables really have is durability, but it's not worth their really high prices just for that.
I've only read a few articles in passing on Blu-ray disc players (Sound & Vision reviews, mostly), so I'm far from an expert, but it appears to me that the biggest problem with BDP's is starting a movie - sometimes a several minute wait. I'd look very closely at that spec before buying any BDP.

Note - I seem to recall that the PS3 starts movies faster than many other BDP's.

Also, I think BDLive version 2 (BDLive02)-equipped players are now selling, though I'm unsure of the changes.