Insteon 2414U as an X10 Controller


Anyone know if the Insteon 2414U will work as a straight X10 based controller if connected to the M1G's integrated PLC interface?
Are you talking about hooking one of these up directly to the M1G? Since this USB, it won't work, and I don't think that this model will even 'speak' X10.
Insteon on the M1G will require the 2414S hooked up to a M1XSP. Only a PSC05 or equivalent can hook to the onboard port.
Actually, I have the serial version of the 2414U, so it would physically conenct to the M1G. I don't care if the Insteon functions work at this time, since I know they are not supported. I was just curious if the X10 portion of the control would work. I will try it this weekend and let you know. I was just wondering if someone had tried this or not.
The PLC interface on the M1 main board is NOT a serial port. The 2414S is a serial device and is physically not compatible with the M1 main board connector. You may risk damaging one or both units.
OK WayneW, now I'm confused. The PSC05, CM11a and other X10 based controllers are controlled by a serial interface. So, how does the M1G control these controllers if it is not a serial port? Please explain.

The PSC05 is the X10 Pro version of the original TW523. They are nearly identical, so I will just refer to the PSC05.

The PSC05 is NOT a traditional serial device. The CM11a, CM15a, etc ARE serial devices. The PSC05 was built as an interface to allow other products to "speak" X-10 without having to license the protocol, design the circuitry and get UL approval. It was designed for use with things like the Elk M1, the JDS Stargate, etc. The PSC05 has very strict timing requirements and processor demands.

Back around 1992, MicroMint and/or Steve Ciarcia (not sure of the history anymore, but I own one!) developed the PLIX chip specifically as an interface between the TW523 and a PC serial port.

Does that help clarify things?
To answer your original question, the INSTEON 2414U and S will function as an X10 controller. However, software has to be written to take advantage of the 2414U’s X10 capabilities. So it’s not backward compatible with something like the 1132CUP.

A quote from Greg at HAL:

we do now have an Insteon beta that supports the 2414u for both X10 and Insteon.