insteon appliancelinc acting funny


i just did a factory reset on my insteon appliancelinc because it was acting funny and now when i go to the device in homeseer's insteon config and tell it to reprogram links, it sais it could not contact the device. but if i tell it to read links, that works fine. any ideas why this might happen?
I would suggest moving it to another plugin closer to the PLC and see if it will program. The PLC may have a marginal communications to the device which can prevent the adding of the device.
ok i will give that a try - i think i might have one other outlet i can use. the weird thing is that it was working flawlessly until a week or so ago from that location.
Is it one of the replacements from the Smarthome recall or an original?
I have found that mine work very strange with a few loads. The replacements have the overheating component fixed but my certain loads still can drive them crazy.
i dont know - i got it a while ago (maybe around 12/05 od 1/06). i have never had any overheatign problems at all though. and it has functioned almost perfectly until a few weeks ago.
Send it in for a replacement since the recall is in regards to a safety issue. Not worth the chance.
If 'acting funny' means that you can press the button on the side and hear the relay click, but the load stays on, then the device is most likely broken. SH is good about replacing bad devices.

I killed appliancelincs on a 600 watt heater, a cheap box fan, and a couple on fluorescent lights with ballasts. In all cases but one, the symptoms were as I described above. On the off one that failed, I actually got smoke.

The new ones eliminate the smoke problem.

V2 Appliancelinc Recall Info

I second that. If it is stuck ON the item that the recall is about has failed. If it stutters and clicks; I have also seen that; but in my case the certian loads that where touchy didn't improve with the replacement units. Just the overheating and in my case Smoke should not happen.
If the shorted part burns off, it again may start working again. Will smell like burning electronics and Smarthome said they had some with discolored plastic case near the failed part. Now I know that KenM has had other parts fail in some of his modules, unrelated to the recall.