INSTEON Asymmetrical Linking


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Does anybody know if you can do asymmetrical linking with INSTEON? That is, can you link a module to respond to an OFF command but not an ON command (or vise versa)?

Example: I have six switches in my basement controlling six banks of lights. Because I don't want people turning on more lights than they really need I don't want any linking when turning them on. But because I don't want anything left on by accident, I want them all linked to turn off when the switch at the top of the stairs is turned off.

All switches are the relay type controlling fluorescent lighting so I can't play with dim levels. Can I do this with INSTEON or will I need to use UPB in the basement to accomplish this?
Not sure about linking, but you can write an automation command(s), given the proper control equipment, to turn off several lights when any of the lights are turned off.

PS: For all you Insteon Gurus, I have witnessed Insteon working with the M1.
You could accomplish this with a keypadlinc by assigning one of the buttons in non toggle mode to always send the off command. I just set up a similar function with 1 non toggle all on and 1 non toggle all off. (Security buttons for the wife).
Interesting idea! Can I use the 6-button face and link to the large OFF button that is associated with the local load (which would not be connected in this case)?
I will have to try that to see if it will work. Since the off button is associated to the local load I do not know if you can make it a non-toggle button. I made both my "c & d" buttons non toggle. I think the local load ON/Off my work differently.