Insteon SDK Kit



I'm researching standards for HA for our new home. I want to write my own HA software. To do this, I need an interface that has a COM or .NET or Active-X software interface available.
Insteon looks like a good bet. Has anyone bought the SDK yet? If so, what does the software interface look like? I have searched for docs but can't find any details on it. I just want some idea what it is before I buy.


Hi John,

Because it's still in beta, I don't think it has been released yet. I think you have to buy the development kits to get one. Other than that, I would expect them to be generally available pretty soon.

There is a .NET sample application on the INSTEON Developer forum website that demonstrates connecting to the PowerLinc Controller over USB; processing data received from the PowerLinc; and sending a command stream to the PowerLinc to have it send INSTEON.

The Device Manager is scheduled for a September release, it will abstract the developer from the protocol and communication specifics of the devices. Using XML and ActiveX, followed by DLLs, a simple and standard interface can be used to communicate with the PowerLinc Controller and INSTEON devices. The ActiveX server will register with the Windows OS.

Mike :p
dwarf, sounds like you are the person who emailed me from Insteon, given the text of your reply.
I would like to look at that .net sample app but cannot access the forum without buying the kit.

My understanding is the current SDK kit only offers a .NET interface that is low level (an additional abstraction layer would need to be written by the developer).
The update in September will offer a COM interface that simplfies this interface. Will this update be available to SDK owners for free? Will it only be available to SDK owners?

Is the PC interface (USB or Serial) offered with te SDK the same as what will be sold to users? If not, what are the differences?

I'm willing to buy the SDK, but I just want to know exactly what I am buying. The Insteon web site is lacking in the specifics that a developer would need to understand what is included.