Insteon ships!


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It's official, Insteon is for real, and SmartHome started shipping the first products. The Insteon wireless lighting starter kit is now available, and will cost $99. The kit includes the following items:
  • Tabletop controller
  • 2 signal enhancers
  • 2 lamp dimmer modules
  • Quick start guide

INSTEON Wireless Lighting Starter Kit
INSTEON products

LampLinc V2 Dimmer: $29.99
ControlLinc Tabletop Controller: $29.99
SignaLinc RF: $39.99
And please notice that this is a week BEFORE it was promised.

Now lets get Insteon supported in a bunch of HA packages & hardware!

Hmm, seems like one oversight so far... there is no way to buy the computer interface without buying the whole SDK. I am confident that the PowerLinc will be a separate SKU soon.
Have you seen the old X10 table top controllers? This looks pretty nice (and much more modern), and it works with X10 as well.
Hey, I like the old X10 table top controllers (even though I've pretty much gone to using palmpads instead).

I think the Insteon controller looks ok - just a little big for so few buttons. Definitely better than the Zwave remotes ;) .
How does Insteon work? Is it both RF and powerline based? With the starter kit shipping with 2 signal enhancers it sounds like X10 with a signal lincs thrown at it? The good news is it's another HA protocol. The bad news is the market is getting flooded with these. Who will the winner be?
OK, now we know Smarthomes prices.

Just need for Martin to get inventory.

(Off Topic, in another forum, (Remote Central) mention was made that ADI would be shipping a UPB Bobcat module for the Ocelot in late July. We'll see if that's true) Note to electron, the post was made by the supplier in Florida, please don't flame me! I didn't mention his name!

Let the wars begin!!
I notice that every Insteon module is also a 2-way X-10 module. I wonder if installing a lot of Insteon modules in a "mixed" X-10/Insteon environment is going to degrade signal strength to the legacy X-10 modules? All modules are repeaters for the Insteon protocol but I assume they do not repeat X-10?
Exciting news and the price is right! ;)

I actually think the controller looks great. I like the modern design and finally a controller with a place to label button functions! My question is… how well does it function?

Anyone pick up the SDK? Thoughts and opinions?
Here is a link to some photos I took at EH Expo back in March. It shows the controller from different angles. The top opens, but as I recall that is only needed for programming, not normal use. The back is removable, so it can easily be hung flat on a wall (like a desktop/wall convertible phone).