INSTEON SwitchLinc V2 Dimmer is now shipping!


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CFGuy said:
One of the big things the z-wave claimed was that their wireless was secure so your neighbor could not control your devices.

Does Insteon have this also?

My z-wave USB controller locks up 3 or 4 times per week. I have to re-start HS to get it to work again so I am getting really frustrated with z-wave.
Have you tried the serial base controller? I have a friend that just got into HA and his USB controller was locking up his new Dell daily. He sent his USB controller back and got the serial controller and it's been smooth sailing since.


I'm glad to hear that the serial made the difference. I will have to give it a try. Unfortunately, I have had the USB one for too long to return it so I'll have to save up a bit.


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Post it for sale on the HS bb and maybe others will have better luck with it. I know for a fact that USB ports are one of the most problematic interfaces one can deal with. Couple this with bad USB drivers and you have a mess.


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FYI, Elk already has the M1 working with Insteon. They are still working hard on this, but it's a great sign to see hardware manufactures (other than SmartHome in this case) supporting a new protocol. You heard it here first ;)


I don't think ADI has an "active" development effort. I can't even think of a recent development or new product that has been produced by them! ;)

I love the products they have (I own an Ocelot with SECU16I and RLY-8 modules) as they are VERY reliable and versatile. But, don't really know their future once people get away from X-10. That plus the fact that hardware like the ELK M1 Gold is available!

Just not sure...


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The Embedded Automation announcement also leads to a list of supported hardware:
Support for INSTEON adapters, including:
- 2414U PowerLinc (USB)
So now we know the model number, can we get any information from SmartHome about availability?


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Yeah, I knew about the SDK, but it doesn't match the SKU given by EA and has legal requirements that the retail unit shouldn't have. It is also rumored that the unit provided with the SDK isn't "exactly" what will be retailed, but details are lacking on exactly what will be different.


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I like the fact that you can change the LED colors on the Insteon switches. I have five old Leviton switches (not 2-way models) ganged together in one box and I am thinking of replacing them with Insteon units with differnt color LEDs to remind me which switch does what. Problem is I will have to use them in X-10 mode and my gut tells me that ganging five 2-way X-10 switches in one box is asking for trouble from a signal suck standpoint. Can anybody reassure me that my concerns are unfounded and this would work OK?