INSTEON SwitchLinc V2 Dimmer is now shipping!


WayneW said:
The Embedded Automation announcement also leads to a list of supported hardware:
Support for INSTEON adapters, including:
- 2414U PowerLinc (USB)
So now we know the model number, can we get any information from SmartHome about availability?
Smarthome did confirm within 3 weeks for the PowerLinc V2. It will initially be offered without software.


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Can you report where you heard this from? I am not trying to be a jerk, I am trying to show that SmartHome is doing a lousy job of getting reliable info to their consumers. Almost all Insteon info has been spread via the rumor mill, rather than web site updates or press releases.

SmartHomeJohn, please keeping bugging the right people to try and get us more official information.