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Now that I figured out how to use the internet radio support with JRMC I figured I would start a thread and let everyone list their favorite stations.

I will start with

They have several great streams for trance and new age

How about telling us all how to use it first :blink:

My favorite station that is online is which is a local station here called 98rock. They talk alot but the guys are comedians as their second profession and radio morning show host as their first. When they play music its pretty good but the mostly talk. They do play what they call Twisted TUnes alot. Basically they use the same beat and music to a song but change the words. Pretty funny stuff.
I would also like to know if these internet stations that we list in JRivers media center can also be listed under Internet Radio in Music Lobby as well (I haven't been able to figure out how to get those listed yet).
Well as far as I can figure JRMC supports Winamp type playlist or mp3 streams. I will write up how I managed to get it to work with my setup.

Here is a print screen on how to setup MediaCenter MusicLobby Plugin for Internet Radio.


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I was not able to IMPORT my standard winamp playlist .M3U file with a URL in it in JMRC during testing, but I was able to play it with JRMC. The playlist in that format looks like this - this is DI.FM.M3U:

#EXTINF:-1,D I G I T A L L Y - I M P O R T E D - New Age - soothing sounds of new age and world music!

Once again, thanks! I couldn't find that anywhere in the help files.

I just select a shoutcast radio station, click "tune in", then "Open" if a file save dialog box appears, then click on "Now Playing" in JRivers, then look at the tag of the current stream, cut and past the html location, go to the plugins/Music Lobby page (as you show) and then cut and paste in the proper format.

The radio stations now show up in Music Lobby's Internet Radio scene!

Thanks again! :blink:

You'll find that most of the metropolitan radio stations are also streaming on the internet now. I went digging around for radio stations in parts of the country were I spend significant time (Washington DC metro area, Richmond VA, Boston MA, Manchester NH) and found every one of the stations I listen to.
Dusted the cobwebs off of this thread.

Share some links?, public college radio station out of Baltimore is a good one - 'music for music lovers', commercial free, classic to progressive and everything in between

Several songs from their playlist:

: XTC - The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead
07.08.2009 11:25pm

: Snow Patrol - Run
07.08.2009 11:30pm

: TV On The Radio - Golden Age
07.08.2009 11:34pm

: Wilco - Walken
07.08.2009 11:39pm

: Sam Roberts - Detroit '67
07.08.2009 11:43pm

: Nick Lowe - Cruel To Be Kind
07.08.2009 11:47pm
Radio Paradise is far and away my favorite radio station (internet or otherwise). The artists covered can range from Depeche Mode to Bob Marley to Nick Drake to Rolling Stones to Neko Case to Beck to CCR to RadioHead to Led Zeppelin to U2 to Porcupine Tree to REM to Eddie Vedder ... you get the idea. The mix might be eclectic for some, but IMHO they make it work, and there are no commercials. Here are some links:

Radio Paradise home page

Current Playlist

Listen Now (128k Mp3)

Neurorad, the artists you mention on your post would all be played by Radio Paradise as well.

A colleague at work used to play Radio Paradise in his work area, every day. Good mix - thought it was more Jimmy Buffet-type stuff. That was a few years ago, though.

I will check it out.

Edit - Great mix - The Who, Flaming Lips (Fight Test, one of my favorites), Cowboy Junkies, Silversun Pickups, Jethro Tull, in the last hour.

2-'fer right now, from Quadrophenia!
Glad you like it (Fight Test is a great one). RP has introduced me to a lot of really good artists, and reintroduced me to a number of artists that I had forgotten about or not given proper attention (e.g., Crowded House). It's almost to the point that I rarely listen to my music collection anymore.

I checked out too. Definitely some great stuff, and some strong overlap between the two sites in what they play.