Is this a good deal?

About what I paid for my Maxtor's a few months back. Not a bad deal.

Froogle couldn't even beat that.

If thats for music... buy two... lol.... ya need a backup. I for one would hate to rip all those CD's over again.

Rupp, the link is now dead/timed-out.

I believe that Zack meant to say 50 cents per gigabyte. My most recent purchase was $50 (after rebate) for 200 gig, which works out to 25 cents/gigabyte.
Hummm. Have to look into getting another drive again. I've got two 120 gig drives and one 80 gig drive jsut about filled up.

Of course I could always start deleting things............Nah!
Is a one year warranty on a hard drive the norm? I thought it was longer but on my new WD 250 GB drive it's just one year.
many manufactures dropped the warranty to 1 year a long time ago, I believe WD is one of them. I believe there is 1 company out there which bumped the warranty to 3, but I forgot the name.
electron, I purchased a WD 250 GB drive from Fry's and saw they were advertising a three year warranty in their flyer (newspaper ad), but when I went to purchase the drive it clearly stated "one year" warranty from WD on the box itself. When I asked the Fry's salesman about this he stated that Fry's actually picks up the additional two years.

Of course talk is cheap, ... but that is what he stated. :D
A lot of Seagate drives have a 5 year warranty (from the time it leaves the factory, I believe).

With WD, for a while the 8meg cache drives had 3 year and the 2meg cache drives had 1 year. I don't know what they do now.
WD still has the 3 year/5 year setup. I just had one of my 120's replaced under warrenty I was checking out larger drives in the event that it was out of warrenty.