(Items Are Sold) Insteon for Sale


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OK guys, here is the deal. I have many Insteon devices that I never got around to installing because I was going to make a change. That change is in process and I will be selling my inventory cheap.

Caveat: I do not recommend buying any of this unless you are already an Insteon user and have purchased from SH. I can't provide you a warranty. Hint, hint.

Here is what I have New In Box:

As of 9:00am 4/3, everything is gone or on Hold. Thanks.

All Items are V2's. No Icons.

2.2 Gone
2.5 Gone
Relays: Gone


1.3 2 $25 each (On Hold)
1.4 2 $28 each (On Hold)

Timer Relays: Gone

Togglelinc Relay: Gone

Houselinc software: Gone


Serial 1.9 1 $20 (On hold)
USB 2.1 Gone


Controlinc 1 Free: Gone

Bonus: Any purchaser will get at least a 1 for 1 free USED device. So if you buy 3 dimmers, you will get 3 other devices (my choice although you can request) based on availability.

I also have lots of Ivory faceplates and colored lightpipes, so feel free to ask for them with any sale.

These prices are good as long as stuff lasts or until I list the remaining devices on ebay the week of 4/24. Then I have to honor the auctions.

I accept Paypal and shipping Priority Mail will be free for purchases over $50, otherwise $5.

Happy shopping.
WOW, thanks guys.

But it is time for me to go to bed.

Those who paid will ship tomorrow.

So if you send a message and I don't reply, I am a sleep. :unsure:

I'll be back around 8:00am EDT.