Jasco Z-Wave Product Line Preview


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Looks like Jasco finally came out with their z-wave product line. Below are some hightlights and their website. Finally there is another remote that fully supports thermostats!
update - i just called and the salesperson stated they would not be on the market until March...



jasco regular remote model 45600

lcd driven (is it backlit?)
limited to 18 nodes/groups/scenes - meaning you can have up to 18 nodes, 18 groups with up to 232 devices, or 18 scenes with 232 devices
looks like no thermostat control
can be a secondary
you can control individual nodes as well as scenes
has all on/off button
to brighten/dim hold the on/off button down

jasco advanced remote 45601

same as the regular remote +
thermostat control!!! check room temp, adjust hvac system modes, and adjust temp setpoints
event/random event/time programming
digital labelling of devices
advanced dim configuration similar to multitap - set dim rates manually, via normal dim command, or via all-on/all-off: values 10milliseconds - 4.2 minutes
primary controller shift
network rediscovery
update info from SUC

jasco 45602 dimmer module

No fluorescent
Load sensing lighting – turn the regular lamp switch on and the module automatically turns on (disabled by default. Looks like you need their remote to turn this function on)
More in depth functionality control of dim/ramp rates by changing parameters and bytes in the module. Again, looks like you need their remote to do this.

Jasco 45603 appliance & FLOURESCENT module

“The device plugged into the Z-Wave controlled outlet on this module must not exceed 600 watts (Incandescent); 1800W (15A) Resistive or ½ HP Motor. Total load capacity for both outlets is 1800W (15A) Resistive.”

“The Load-Sense feature on this Z-Wave product will turn the power to the connected device ON when a change in the load is detected.
Z-Wave connected devices should always be unplugged before performing any service or maintenance of the devices.”

Jasco 45604 outdoor module

“The device plugged into the Z-Wave controlled outlet on this module must not exceed 600 watts (Incandescent); 1800W (15A) Resistive or ½ HP Motor. Total load capacity for both outlets is 1800W (15A) Resistive.”

This unit is suitable for outdoor use in damp locations. Do not expose to rain or immerse in water. Install at least 3 feet above ground level with the receptacle pointed down.When used outdoors you should plug the unit into a GFCI receptacle with a receptacle cover rated for outdoor use. A mounting tab with screw key-hole is located at the top of the unit. Install the included screw in the disired location, leaving approximately 3/16”
of the screw exposed. Align the mounting tab with the screw head, slide the tab over the screw and let the unit drop down to lock it in place.”

Jasco 45606 dimmer switch

“This dimmer switch is designed for use only with permanently installed incandescent lighting fixtures. Do not use it to control fluorescent lighting, transformer supplied lighting/appliances, motorized appliances or receptacles. The incandescent lighting controlled by this dimmer switch must not exceed a total of 500 watts.”

“There are three wires (2 black and 1 green) exiting from the back of the Z-Wave 2-pole dimmer case. Match these wires to the wires connected to the existing switch.”

Air gap switch on lower left side

Dim function – hold button down on or off until desired lighting level. Tap button for on/off

Led light factory default – On when Off. Reprogrammable with handheld remote

On/off rocker settings programmable in case you install it upside down. It is not a toggle on/off. 1 side is on and the other side is off.

45613 3way switch kit

Includes: 1 z-wave master switch and one dummy non z-wave switch (does not directly control loads). Similar I would guess to the leviton 3way setup.

Jasco Duplex Receptacle

they screwed up on the manual for this one and put the dimmer switch in it's place. there is a correct spanish version up though if anyone feels like translating the important parts.