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Need help setting up my GE KeyFOB. I have the one that came with my old GE system. It only has 2 buttons. I can't figure out how to enroll this baby with elk. I can then go to wireless def and assign functions.

Please advise.

Set it up as a keyfob zone - enter the TX number too

Also go look at the "Wireless Setup" to make sure the buttons are doing what you want them to do.
Sorry Martin....but how do I setup a keyfob zone. DO I just choose a wireless zone??

and what is the TX number.

Buttons I don't think I should have problem with.

I have assigned the userid so that elk knows that it is me arming and disaring the sytem but have not been able to use it yet.

Sometimes the Transmitter ID is not on the back of the transmitter like the keyfob. You will have to manually enroll it through Menu 14 in installer programming.