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Keypad Stopped Working


So I am awoken at 1:30am with my alarm panel going beserk, followed by phone calls from my monitoring company.  Sometime in the middle of the night,  one of my 3 keypads stopped working, totally shut off.  The error code from my monitoring company was: 
I turned the ELK off and on and that didn't fix the problem BUT the two remaining keypads that work are stuck on 12:00AM and the time isn't changing.
My initial thought is that the Databus Hub somehow went bad in the middle of the night and needs to be replaced, but I am also getting loss of remote supervision errors.
So basically, I have 1 of 3 keypads totally shut down.
The remaining 2 working keypads have the clock and date stuck
I am getting a loss of remote supervision.
Any ideas as to what might be causing these issues?  As a side note, I am unable to log into my panel using ElkRP as the laptop I had used is out of commission right now.


Senior Member
The first thing I would do is to remove the expansion module from the data bus and see if that clears things up.
If that doesn't help, as a next step, I would disconnect everything from the data bus and then connect just a single keypad directly to the M1 with no data bus hub. If you can remove the keypad from the wall and connect it with just a short length of cable, so much the better. That will get all the other devices and cabling out of the way and will let you narrow things down to just the M1 or the keypad. Don't forget that you may have to temporarily change the termination jumpers so that you have one on the M1 and one on the keypad.
Which data bus hub do you have? The M1DBH or M1DBHR? The M1DBH has no active components on it, so it is unlikely to cause a failure.