LED bulbs compatible with X10?


Senior Member
I have been using an x10 module to turn on and off several parallel connected porch lights and finding some bulbs interfere with the X10.  Actually found that some years ago and have been using the first generation Cree bulbs that work ok with it.  But I am running out of those bulbs as they die.  The other bulbs I have tried don't work.  They turn on ok but won't turn off.  Not sure if it is noise or "signal sucking" that is the issue.  Have thought of measuring noise and signal decrease caused by different brands of bulbs since I have access to the test equipment needed.  But if someone has already done that it would save me the trouble.  Anyone know of a source of such information?  What I have found is very dated.
I realize I could update the control to something more modern but this works well if I could just get bulbs to work with it.