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Leviton enters Strategic Alliance with Zensys


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Sounds great... Shame they didnt jump on the wagon a year ago. I give it two more years and Z-wave will be driving the market over x10. Hopefully intermatic will stick to their product release date this time and provide all the rest of the switches i need to finish off my z-wave house.

Im looking forward to the remote controled blinds and the 3 way switches.


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It's great to see Leviton get into the market as I'm sure it will help drive some products. I hope though this isn't one of those annoucements where we don't see anything for 1-2 years. My fingers are crossed that the development team has some stuff in the pipe already.

I wonder if Rick or Rich could comment on this - they always seem to have some cool insider info...


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when is one of the ZWave companies going to build a nice looking device? In wall instead of plug in type. I think they are butt ugly and won't even think of trying one till they are in wall. Any news of an alternative?


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Although the Zwave compaines do make in wall devices, I agree that I would really like to see better looking switches.