Leviton RCA 110 Connectors


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I am about to install a set of Leviton RCA 110 connectors and I am confused about the wiring. The connectors are designed to use 2 pairs for each channel so it takes a full cat-5 cable to carry both right and left audio. When I put a meter to the connector it looks like the 2 pairs are just wired in parallel so I have to wonder if they are both really needed? What would be the impact of just using 1 pair per channel? I am just running audio on this line so no high frequency stuff. Am I missing something or would 1 pair per channel work OK?
I run my PC speaker level audio (stereo) over 1 pair, so can't imagine why you wouldn't be able to use 1 pair per channel. Only one way to find out ;)
Too late, I already came up with a better solution. I am trying to relocate the amp in the library down to the basement so the only thing upstairs is the Slim Devices Squeezebox display and the speakers.

I was going to run the RCA audio out from the Squeezbox to the basement amp over a run of Cat-5 and use an audio triggered relay to turn the amp On and Off. Now I've changed my mind and decided to put a spare player in the basement next to the amp and keep it permanently synched to the one in the Library. That way I get the same result with no long audio run. (And save myself a bunch of extra work!)

Glad this didn't hit me AFTER I wired up the new line!