Logitech Harmony 880 Remote Control $112 after $50

Missed it. I would have bought one for upstairs at that price (don't really need it up there since all that is hooked up is modulated Tivo's but it would be nice when tie in the other equipment.

I paid $250 for mine (even added $39 at bestbuy for a 2 year replacement policy on it as my pronto's light doesn't work right after dropping it the wrong way).
It was done in 1 hour! I'm still arguing with Dell cause it accepted the coupon for me but errored out on Submit. I called and they tried telling me coupon was already expired. Well, I have the screen shot of accepted coupon. Of course they hadn't called back as promised.
Seems like they want to clear out all these older remotes for the 890 "RF" new line.

A $50 rebate (for older models, not sure if its the same one) was posted HERE as well.
I'll have to keep an eye out. While the RF features are nice, when the price is a third of the new one, I can live with the compromise (and I have been happy with mine, although the biggest complaint is the requirement to keep it pointed for 5 seconds or so (I reduced the timings to shorten the time from their recommended ones as well).

I haven't looked at the older ones enough to compare the functionality, I know they don't have color screens (gasp!). Looks like there are $50 rebates for a bunch of models now. For a secondary remote (guest bedroom, kitchen, etc) might bring the cost down to be worth it.
Could be a market for them as a home automation control platform...

Just think: A blackberry interegrating with the Elk :D
About 6 months ago Verizon had a deal where is you bought 10 Blackberries at under $100 each, and signed 2 year contracts on at least 4 of them, you'd also get the BB Enterprise server. Several of my clients took em up on it.

PS: it seems for every BB is gonna blackout article there is a counter, including their stock going up?

I hope they live......