Long Distance 802.11


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I saw your questions about long distance 802.11 on the HS board. I have some sources and opinions if you are interested. I currently use it to go about 600 feet through fairly dense foliage. (YES you CAN go through foliage.... just not very well)
Looking forward to the details SkiBum.

Here are some links that show some really long distance examples, but probably not useful, just cool :lol:
Yes, I would be interested. I really don't need a long distance (maybe 80-100 feet) but I do need it to be reliable. I don't want it to act like my old satillite internet (a cloud on the east cost would cause a 5 minute outage sometimes...)

Loved that "Long Distance Shootout" article.

Its amazing what a custom antenna can do for distance. Hmmm, I think I'll be posting my 1/4" Wave Guide Ground Plane Antenna tutorial soon (for use with the MR26A), wonder if one can be made for this also. Might be more of a challenge because of the higher frequency.

I also once saw at a Comdex (one before this last recent one) an extender base unit for a Linksys system. Don't know how much or even if it still is available.
I saw something like that too at the Home Electronics Expo in Long Beah back in November. There was a booth that had nothing but antennas for wireless networks...