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Low Voltage Licensing


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Squintz and others in Harford County. I am looking to obtain a license for low voltage in Harford and surrounding counties for low voltage work. I worked 2 years for a Alarm and low voltage company and have worked the last four years for Verizon. Does anybody have any contact numbers for Harford county. I have sent some emails and have received no response. thank you in advance for your time. and I look forward to using this great site.


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I've found that when email don't work, then pick up the phone. If that doesn't work at town hall, pay them a visit.


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I am also in MD and having these same issues. I do mostly Audio/Visual work. I currently need a way of obtaining an LV permit in Frederick County. Any suggestions?


Sorry it took me so long to see this thread. Not really sure how I missed it.

Anyways, I went in front of the Harford Co board of master electricians and pleeded for them to count my High School and College education as well as my work experience towards the time required to get a license. Altogether I have about 9 years of Electronics and Electrical experience but most of it has been in the class room. Only 3 years of it was on the job training.

The board actually created a test specifically for my needs. It covers me for running low voltage lines such as Cable and Network but it also covers me to replace outlets (switches, receptacles, fixtures) with Z-Wave devices.

I work in Baltimore City a lot for a GC and have been arround guys who run Telephone, Cable, and install security systems without having a license. They are doing it illegally but in those situation the GC does not care as long as the job is getting done to code.

I recently found out that my Harford License can be migrated to Baltimore City simply by filling out a form. So I would not have to take the test again.

If you really want to do this the legit way then you need to either get a license by going in front of the board or track down someone who is licensed and hire them.

If you want to give me a call and chat more about it then shoot me an e-mail or pm through the site and I will give you my number. I am always looking for people to partner with me on jobs also.


I am also looking into getting a LV License in NYC. Does anyone have experience that can help me out? I googled for a long time and only came up with this:

LOW VOLTAGE INSTALLER: An individual who is certified by the commissioner to act as the representative of a business entity authorized pursuant to this chapter and the rules of the department to perform low voltage electrical work in or on any building, premises or lot in the city. An individual so certified shall have full responsibility on behalf of such business entity for the manner in which such work is done and for the selection, supervision and control of employees of such business entity who perform such work. Such individual shall be an employee of the business entity which he or she represents and shall supervise, direct and be responsible for only the work of the employees of such business entity. Such individual shall not represent more than one business entity.

§27-3005 Jurisdiction, powers and duties of the commissioner. - a. The commissioner is authorized to exercise all powers necessary to enforce the electrical code and the electrical code technical standards, including but not limited to the power to:
(B) Promulgate rules fixing the date, scope and subject matter of examinations of applicants for certification as low voltage installer and respecting the issuance, suspension and revocation of such certification.

§27-3016.1 Certification as low voltage installer; qualifications; issuance; fees. - a. An individual who has been determined by the commissioner to be competent to perform low voltage electrical work in compliance with the electrical code and the electrical code technical standards, the building code and other applicable law and who otherwise qualifies in accordance with this section and the rules of the department may be certified as a low voltage installer.
b. An applicant for such certification shall be over the age of eighteen years, of good moral character and at the time of application shall have had two (2) years of satisfactory experience as set forth in the rules of the department.
c. Every such application shall be made in writing in such form and shall furnish such information as the commissioner shall prescribe and set forth in the rules of the department. Every applicant shall submit to an investigation to determine the applicant’s character and fitness.
d. Such certification shall be issued for such term and shall be subject to renewal in accordance with such conditions as shall be prescribed in the rules of the department.
e. The fee for such certification and for the renewal thereof shall be prescribed by rule.
f. Certification as a low voltage installer may be suspended or revoked for cause in accordance with the rules of the department and/or the department may impose penalties which shall not exceed one thousand dollars for each violation for violations of this chapter, the electrical code, the electrical code technical standards or the rules of the department.

This is a section found at (http://www.mbfaa.com/NYC%20LVI.htm) - I hope I can post links.

Can anyone from NYC shed some light into this? I want to get licensed.
There are technically no license requirements for NY/NYC with the exception of fire alarm. The company/contractor must carry a master electrician license, but the individual is not required to carry a license, or at least that has been my dealings wtih NY and NYC over the years.


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Master Electrical can do anything under or below that classification. Do the research and I am sure that there are other classifications or licenses that would better suit what your doing. The typical restrictions to getting into the low voltage trade are designed to limit the ability of employees to jump ship and go out on their own. These include credit, time in the trade, knowledge of the code and ability to obtain liability insurance before you need it. Find out what hoops you need to jump through and set a plan in motion. Of course the hoops cost money and that is by design, good luck, its not as hard as your opponents make it seem. With that said, I failed in the security and fire business before I tried again and succeeded. I thought I knew it all, I know so much more now and best of all, I know that I don't know it all.