Media Center Edition 2005 & ATI Radeon 9000


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Has anyone successfully upgraded to Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 with a ATI Radeon 9000 card? I've been able to upgrade my Dell 4600/1GB with MCE2005 and everything works EXCEPT video playback within Media Center. Recorded TV, Live TV & Videos' won't play.

When I start Media Center I get an error "Your video card or drivers are not compatible with Media Center" but after acknowledging the error, everythings works but video playback. :huh:

ATI's website has conflicting info regarding compatibility of the Radeon 9000 and MCE2005, so I'm hoping somebody has done this successfully and can share their experience....

Thanks, Dave
I believe the minimum requirement now is 128 megs of video memory, which eliminates many older 2004 systems. I have a 9600 in my 2005 system , and I have no problems. What are the specs on the 9000?
Hi - my ATI Radeon has 64MB. I haven't found anywhere where it states the MCE minimum video spec is 128MB. where did you find this?

If its the case, does anyone know if at ATI 9000 card w/64MB can be upgraded? or am I looking at a new card purchase?
Thx, Dave
Minimum requirements for MCE 2004 were 64 megs of video ram, but none of my 64megs cards work with 2005. So far all MCE 2005 machines I have seen have at least 128 megs of video ram, if not more, so I am pretty sure about that.