Minimum M1 wiring?


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I have pretty much decided to order an M1 Gold for a new house that I'm building, thanks to the great support here. The builder is being flexible about putting in structured wiring, surround sound, and video cameras, but for some reason is not making it easy (cost effective) to pre-wire for security. I'm thinking of going wireless for my door/window contacts, motion, etc but need to know the bare minimum that I will need to have wired. I'll be placing the system in a closet with the structured wiring panel so ethernet and phone should not be an issue. I'm guessing I'll need a cat5 run to each of the two keypads I'll be getting. Is there any other essential wiring that I should be considering?

Thanks :)
Cat5 to the keypads and you'll need wire to the speakers/sirens.

But wireless sensors are alot more expensive. Even if you have to hire an alarm company to install the sensors to please the builder, I would. It will still be alot cheaper then having all your sensors wireless.

Or just sneak in after hours and do it the day before the drywall goes up. rolleyes:
:) :rolleyes:
Good advice from Brian.

Hardwire is always better than RF if you can get the wire run.

Door and window contacts only need two conductors, normally 22 gauge twisted stranded with a jacket. The stranded is more forgiving in the case of nicks or staples causing wire breaks.

Most CAT5 is solid conductor and much easier to nick and cause a wire break.
Thanks for the help guys. I had actually requested a quote on some 22/2 to get an idea on budgeting and the builder came in at $1,315 for just 5 runs of 22/2 and 2 runs of cat5. This is a 2-story 2800sf house with an attic and crawlspace. That price seemed absurd to me; is it not?

If I could find the time I'd do it myself but I'll probably have to either go wireless or retrofit later. Since I'd like to stay DIY and will have little free time I'm thinking that wireless may be the most effective way to get everything running.

Any other ideas?

Yeah, that seems high. If you have an attic that can get you around it can be done later. Experienced alram contractors or low voltage guys do it all the time. Sure its easier beforehand but not impossible later. 15 yrs ago when I built my house the builder wouldn't run wires. An alarm contractor did it after I moved in and the wires are fine. Maybe at least the builder will put some conduit in for you know at least between floors to make it a bit easier.