I use a standard Planar 15" for my CQC system, and it works fine, as expected, and has been for a couple years now.
I am ignoring the used ones for now. There are brand new ones of the same model available for good prices as well. I just don't want to focus on the price until I am sure it is a good piece of hardware.
Well if they are using ELO controller as it said somewhere, that is one of the best around.
I have the same model screen - installed on a swivel bracket in my kitchen. I bought mine new, and haven't had any problem with it. I love it!
upstatemike said:
Good to know! Apart from the used ones for $200, would a new one in the $300-$400 range be a good deal?
Mike many good touchscreens can be had for $300-400 , I have owned this Dell touchscreen for about a year and it is made by ELO and software is touchware by 3M and it works very well

**When I bought new last summer it was $425 but I usually see them on Ebay for $350-389 , the thing I like the most is they are black and they look good and of course it works well...the screen can also be tilted up/down to any angle.

Model number is "E153FPT"

**Note the "T" on the end as they do sell a normal lcd monitor with the same name but without the "T"

*Another good brand that can be found for cheap on Ebay is ELO touchscreens...same company that makes these.

Here is picture of it with a pvr remote I made in mainlobby many moons ago while I was testing things.

Thanks for the feedback. Guess if there are a lot available in this price range I can take some time to shop around. Nice PVR screen!
I had the same idea about re-mounting it myself. I got one from Geeks but realize that they are ReFurbished. I figured for the price, I could not complain too much. Well, having said that, I just sent mine back after a week because one of the pixels on the screen stayed red all the time.

Will update you when I get the replacement under warranty.
I have a 15" planar mounted in my own kitchen running MainLobby.

I removed all the casing and stand.


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I then used Window Trim to create a frame for the Touchscreen. Worked great and matched decor.


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Those pictures look fantastic! The window trimming is great idea.
a few questions
Is this the same touch screen we are talking about here?
If so, how difficult was to pull it apart?
Why do you have the plexiglass over the screen in first picture?

Hi Czechmarty,
It's the Planar PT1503NT.

It was very easy to take out of the stand and casing. Just a bunch of screws.

It would be somewhat challenging to build into an existing wall. We used 2x4's to surround the screen before drywall. What might be cool is to take use plywood mounted to the wall for a frame. Then mount the Window Trim and touch screen to the plywood.

There is no plexiglass on the screen. You may be seeing the touchscreen. The photo I have has a glare from the flash...but i chose it because I didn't want my friends number to show up anyways. :(

I've got a second touch screen that I will be putting in my Garage. It will be connected to the same computer as my other touchscreen. I'm using a Matrox G200 Quad Video Card and running multiple instances of MainLobby. That way when I pull in the garage I can see who has called while we were gone as well as control the 3 Zones of Russound outdoor speakers. Still room for two to 3 more touch screens through out the house. :)
mcascio said:
It will be connected to the same computer as my other touchscreen. I'm using a Matrox G200 Quad Video Card and running multiple instances of MainLobby.

How are you doing that? The monitor part I understand as I'm assuming you can direct ML to display on a particular monitor, but how are you going to handle mouse inputs between the two (or more) touchscreens? I know you can do this in Linux, but I wasn't aware of a way in Windows.