Mounting wireless sensors


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Just checking to see if anyone had any suggestions on installing these:

They come with doublestick tape, but I was wondering if something like crazy glue or other adhesive might make a cleaner install (as it won't be flush with doublestick tape). On the other hand I was thinking to put them high on the window and use the tape (so it is not visible anyway).

Has anyone gone another route other than the basic double stick tape that comes with the units?
I would screw them properly to the door or window frame (if possible). Screws are the more secure way to install them.

If not possible, them would try a fast setting contact cement. Cement has some flexibiilty that makes if good resisting the vibrations of a door impacting the frame. Crazy glue is too firm and depends a lot on the surface. Metal or plastic are good but it is not as good for wood or porous surfaces.

Just remember that you will have to change the battery in about 3-5 years, so don't install it where you can not remove it.

The silicone idea makes sense.

I looked at how I would place these and I think I can screw the main unit in, but the magnet piece which goes on the window itself I'm hesitant to drill.

There is a piece for mounting and the sensor snaps into that holder, so changing the batteries won't be an issue. This is for the Anderson windows, some of the other windows are a different brand and I cannot mount this type of sensor on them (no room). I was looking at the recessed ones for those, but fortunately it is only the front windows that have this (they say the batteries last 10-15 years, but I am skeptical on that, and I don't think you can replace the batteries so it will get pricy to replace them).

I'm trying to make sure the doors are wired, but I had not thought about the vibrations.