Multizone/multisource wiring diagram:


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Some of us are writing up a multizone/multisource wiring diagram, as many folks seem to be interested in it lately. Thought I'd post it here in case anyone here cares about such things.

This is meant to be software agnostic, doesn't matter if it's CQC, xLobby, or whatever. It's just a wiring diagram, and insinuates a hardware list. There's no specific PC hardware [i.e., M-audio Delta 410], just box-level guidance.

Obviously each setup is different, but these are the general parameters.

Option 1) Simple: HDTV in one room, analog audio-only in all others
Option 2) Fancier: HDTV in one room, analog audio/SDTV in all others
Option 3) Fanciest: HDTV in multiple rooms, analog audio in some rooms

This one is for Option 2. Let me know if you think I missed something, or have suggestions on how to make it easier to read.