My affordable, removable, wall touchscreen solution.

Hey all, long time reader, I just wanted to share my solution for an in-wall Android touchscreen for Home Automation control. I had been looking for affordable solutions for years and considered trying used iPod touches but I couldn't make them work well on the wall with charger cables attached. Then the HP Touchpad Fire Sale happened and I was able to pick up a few of those with their Touchstone inductive charging docks. Finally I was able to realize a solution that met almost everything on my wish list:

Preserve use as a tablet
No wires showing
Easy to dock/undock
Charging dock
Larger screen
Able to run all of my HA Apps and Denon Receiver App
Able to run Remote Desktop Apps for access to PC and Macs
Capactive touchscreen
Looks good docked/undocked
etc, etc
Anyway here is a link to my Imgur tutorial detailing my in-Wall charging Android touchscreen project, I hope you enjoy.
link removed - how many posts is the "several" needed to be able to post links?  Link to follow once I am allowed to post it.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  
That looks pretty clean.  I have to mention that the extension cord inside the wall is a huge code no-no, especially since you closed up the wall and there's no way to get to it again!  But the inductive charging is handy so you have no wires to contend with when docking.
+3, not to code
You should use a recessed junction box, and a power outlet, to plug in the charger.
This double gang box can be low and/or line voltage.  In this example, the front Decora plate is not needed - you can mud over the edge of the box, flush with the drywall. The inner front cover plate sinks slightly into the front of the drywall, allowing a flush fit when the 'wings' are tightened to the drywall.  This wouldn't allow the really nice completely flush finish on the inductive charger, but you get the idea.

Many different sizes of boxes are available; you'd need to fashion a plate for the front of the box, to get a clean finish - but you can't mud over the outlet.  The front should be removable, to access the outlet.
From spending many of my younger years as a Sparky (electrician) I have a healthy fear of electricity that I have trained myself to ignore. I thank you for your corrective suggestions and apologize if I wasted your time posting pictures, but the extension cord was a temp proof that it worked before I wired everything into an existing, now deep, 3-gang on the other side of the wall where I had 3 switches. If I violated code it might be for the box fill in that box or the Touchstone cord not being rated for in wall use, but it is a small price for having a clean look without blank plates and still being accessible.

If that is all you found wrong with it, I'll take that as a compliment. Thank you!
I forgot to say I didn't take pictures of the 3 gang apart, so to avoid future confusion I'll change that slide's caption to reflect that. Thanks again.
I think it looks absolutely sensational. Really nice job on the paint, too. Stunning.

I really should have started with that, sorry.
Thanks @Neurorad, I respect and appreciate your dedication and opinion on the many HA forums. @Work2Play I appreciate you kind words too.

That plate cost about $30 from the Leviton store (not sure of model), but what set me on that screwless path was when I bought all of my Leviton/Monster zwave dimmers they came with single gang screwless plates and I ended up with enough for every outlet in the house. So all I had to do was buy a 4 gang and several 3 gangs to complete things but they were expensive. Thanks for noticing I think it really adds the finishing touch.
Don't get your feathers ruffled. ;)
The reason we forum members asked/questioned about your install is:
1. It shows interest as a DIY type (we like that spirit here)! :)
2. We would most likely use the concept (probably a modified version)
3. We don't want anyone to 'copy' something that might lead to a wrong type of connection that could possibly be detrimental to their homes (we just wanted to bring up the notification as after all, it's the homeowner's final decision as to the robustness and safety of his system).
Understood @BraveSirRobin, I didn't mean to sound ruffled, my humor may not come across well in a post. I was genuinely thanking you for the suggestions since that Imgur slideshow is a year old and I had just got around to posting it and had missed those captions when proofreading it. So I have since gone back and made the caption hopefully more clear and safe. I have posted on several forums but you guys were the first to catch that slide caption and it was appreciated. I meant to thank all three of you but didn't scroll up far enough on my mobile device to see all three posts :)

ps I waited to post initially to make sure the inductive charging and metal plates didn't cause a problem or heat up excessively or damage the Touchpad, but that turned into a year of living with it and so far so good. It has proven to be a very useful device for me.
Thanks again for posting the pics.  DIY projects are always interesting to share and look at to see how others are accomplishing various tasks.
Thank you Nick, I am happy to share so take it and run.
I just hope that other tablet makers see the benefits of inductive charging and we see it in future offerings.  The current iPad inductive charging cases and mounts weren't a clean enough or affordable enough solution for me.
If you didn't catch it in my paragraph below the slideshow, after cracking my screen I was able to put a metal plate inside my iPad2 so it can sit on the same mount and magnet to the wall.  I haven't felt brave enough to open the HP Touchpads and do the same thing, so the metal plates are external but you don't see them really.