Need help, Omni Pro II Expansion Enclosure No Status LED Power OK


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Hi, I've got a omni pro II system with several expansion enclosure (17a00-1) boards. Some time ago, one of them died, and I can no longer communicate with it via pc access, or any method. Currently when powered up  and the data cable removed, I see the power led on, and the status led is blank, and doing nothing. With the data cable connected and power connected, same thing. The power LED remains lit, and the status led remains dark. From what I've experienced the 17a00-1's will have a rapid flashing status led, when only power is connected (no data) and a slow flashing when the data cable is connected. So, what does it mean when the status led is dark? Currently, the board does not seem damaged, and the fuse looks fine. Any ideas? Does anyone know if this is fixable? Since the whole omni series is discontinued, it's been hard to find a replacement. Please help, any help is apricated. Thanks 
Hi Briantho, have you already contacted HAI and been told they would not repair? I was told by support that they planned to continue repairs on boards, for awhile anyways. I dont recall a date but, maybe we have reached the invitable end.
I asked Leviton about support for the OmniPro II. I sent using their contact us web page:

I have an OmniPro II controller that is reporting that is failing to communicate with the Omni Console. Does Leviton still do repairs on the OmniPro II ? Regards, Alan Gustin

Their response on 8/17/22:

Hello Alan,

Thanks for contacting Leviton Technical Services! We still do repair the Pro 2. I am attaching an RMA form to send the Pro2 in for repair. Once completed, you will need to send it to [email protected] .

I would also suggest the foll0wing:
  1. Is the Status LED (D24) of the Pro2 blinking Once per second? If not, power down panel (AC/Battery), and remove the terminal strips for the zones, then let sit for 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes has expired, reconnect the terminal strips and power up panel ( AC first, then Battery).
  2. If the status LED is blinking once per second, try removing all but one console at a time, then see if you get communication back.


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