Need Temporal Output


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I'd like to install some System Sensor model 2112ATL (4-wire) smoke detectors to my M1. The advantage of these detectors is that they contain both integral sounders and an EOL relay. To make the sounders work, they will respond to a 3-pulse temporal pattern (fire alarm), but do not respond to the steady or other burglar alarm signals.

The problem is that I can't figure out a simple way to get the M1 to create a 3-pulse temporal fire alarm pattern. I looked at the Elk 941 Alarm Director relay, but doesn't look like it will help either.

Anyone have any clever, but simple ideas?
Using Output 2, change it to a voltage output instead of siren output in Global Options. When the fire alarm activates, it gives a three pulse temporal pattern.
Thanks. Output 2 does indeed provide the temporal output, and the smoke detector sounders work perfectly. However, in order to provide a voltage signal to the smoke detector curcuit, I had to install an Elk912 relay on output 2. Now I'm getting output 2 trouble when the output activates on either fire or burglar alarm. The ELK relay has a 400 ohm coil, and I'm using the latest versions of RP, bootware, and control (firmware 4.4.2).

Any ideas on the output 2 trouble alarm? Seems like I remember having this before on firmware 4.3.something.
The so called temporal output is the termonology used to describe the common fire alarm cadence as specified by UL.

Roughly it sounds like this: DAH...DAH...DAH.....(pause)....DAH...DAH...DAH....(pause)...repeat

It is nice to know the M1 can create this cadence for interfacing to those smoke alarm/detectors which have the internal sounder. With this, you can be assured that the fire alarm will be loud enough in each bedroom without having to put speakers everywhere, and without having to measure the sound level to be sure code is met.
Are these existing smokes or new ones? If installing new ones, why not just use the 4WTA?
I just checked the System Sensor website. Apparantly the 2112ATL is obsolete, but is still available through distributers. The 4WTA is essentially the same thing. I can get the 2112ATL for minimum $$$.