Need To Find Magnetic Door Lock


I thought I saw a link in a post here on magnetic door locks (recently) that had something like THIS.

The magnetic lock only had 80 pounds holding force but was VERY inexpensive.

I was hoping the OP would see this and provide the link again. I have a very small "half" front patio gate that I would like to incorporate this lock (flimsy design so I don't need the large holding force).


Too many interesting ideas with HA! I could use something similar.

would you use an Elk Relay to do the open/close circuit thing to lock/unlock it?

How would you control it? Do you have an LCD keypad or something similar near the door?
Well, in my case I would probably use my RLY-8XA unit connected to my Ocelot, but there are many, many ways to do this.

If you have an Elk use one of its outputs with an Elk sensitive relay. Would also be cool if you had mag sensors to see if it is open or closed.

I might use a "flexible" resistance "arm" just for something different and so it is not influenced by the strong magnetic field induced by the lock.

If you have an Elk you could connect this as an analog inut zone.
THIS is the flex sensor I'm thinking of using. Of course you have to consider the whole outdoor proofing of this project.

Be aware that I'm not really looking for ideas on how to do this (so no comments on that please). I have found that I have a very different way/methodology of going about monitoring/controlling items and I am now easily "tried" trying to explain the "why" to people (causes a great amount of angst). ;)
So BSR, But WHY?, no really WHY?

Just kidding...
Are you using the flex sensor for porportional door open status? Let me guess, now you want a 0 - 100 flash swing door graphic?

I wonder how accurate that flex bar is for the first 1 degree - which is the most important of secured vs. open. The other 99 points are not quite as valuable knowledge.
Yeah, BSR, all but the newbies here know how far overboard you go on your projects... LOL

<just kiddin!>