Fibaro Door Window Sensor Version 1 & 2 Differences Warning


Posting this so others using the Fibaro Z-Wave Door/Window sensor are aware of the version differences...
I recently purchased five Fibaro Door/Window Sensors from Amazon.  The reason I wanted this particular sensor was that you could add external contacts (in my case more normally closed magnetic sensors) to the unit.  The reason was a lot of my windows have two 'side by side' sliding units that each need independent sensors.  I wanted to use one Fibaro unit for these windows, then use inexpensive 'pill' magnetic contacts on both windows, wired to the external sensor terminals of the Fibaro unit (when you use an external contact, you cannot use the included internal magnet/sensor of the Fibaro unit). Also, one could add an external temp sensor if desired
When I received the order I noticed that the first unit I opened had NO terminals inside!  Turns out after closer inspection that I received BOTH version 1 and 2 of this sensor product (see attached pic below).
Fibaro ver 1 and 2.jpg
The original version had the terminals inside and I could indeed wire external contact sensors (in series) to this unit.
Version 2 had NO terminals, so I could not add an external sensor, but it did include the temp sensor internally with the unit.
So, warning to all wanting to procure this sensor for the external contact terminal strips, ensure you get the original version and not version 2.  Also another warning, it seems Amazon doesn't know the difference in their warehouse (I would order from another source). ;)