New HDTV coming


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Well I finally broke down and got a HDTV. I am currently using a 35" Sony CRT so this will be a big change for us. I ordered a Samsung HLS5687W. Its a 1080p 56" set. I actually got Circuit City to come close to matching's low price. They also tossed in free delivery.

I am still trying to understand all these connections. I am currently at Comcast analog so I don't suspect that it will look to hot. However I also ordered the Samsung HL960 Upconverting DVD player.

I would really like to get my MCE box connected so I might need to upgrade the grapchics card. Something like a Nvidia 6600 maybe. The TV has a PC input and people on the AV forum say they have used the DVI-HDMI cable also with good results. Still all new to me.

I am waiting on my HDMI cables from Monoprice. Also ordered a OTA antenna just to try and see whats out there. Still looking for good websites that list what shows are broadcast in HD in the Detroit area. So the set gets here on Thursday and the cables on Friday... so it will be fun I hope.. lol

Some people suggested to order AVIA Guide to Home Theater. CC gives a couple DVD's when you get the extended warrenty so I guess I will try that first.

Hi John,

I bought a Samsung 50" plasma at CC about 3 months ago - I am very happy with it. Only 1080i, but a big step up from my old 32" tube set.

I have DirecTV, but have not gone to HD with them yet. I live about 20 miles SW of Springfield, Missouri. I get two network channels in HD and a couple PBS channels in HD - PBS has some superb stuff. From what I understand OTA HD is about as good as it gets - no compression.

I'm guessing you should get several OTA HD channels in Detroit. I use the web to get listings from each tv channel.


I bought the 61" Samsung about two years ago, and I have been real happy (and I hear the specs are a lot better now. I'm not complaining though, they make real nice sets. Enjoy it.

I have mine hooked up for HD from cable, but frankly I probably watch netflix most of the time.

Congrats on the purchase. I have a 55" Mits that I love. I just have to warn you though, standard def stuff actually might look worst on your new big screen than on your Sony. I was taken back when I first got mine...especially analog cable. It's just blowing that crappy signal (at lest in my case) up so big, you see all the flaws. Digital cable is pretty good, what I would consider analog on a smaller TV set. HD is really where it's at. Football, baseball, sports in general are amazing. I don't have one personally, but I suspect your upconverting DVD player is going to look great too. Have fun and let us know how it goes!

Oh I suspect I will have to upgrade to digital or satellite. I have been reading up on my choices. I live by my Tivo right now so thats what I am looking into. Something to record HD and the best SD that won't break the bank.

I figured I would get the TV first and start from there...

I second that... wow what a nice link... thanks... it will help me decide which HD solution I will goto as well...

Glad it does the job!

Its been on my list forever, I don't really use it much right now. Grabbed it when I was thinking about putting a capture card in.

Personally, I'm frozen on a provider- I currently have SD from Dish, and OTA HD (Close enough that I get all the Boston stations- but no DVR). Charter cable is ridiculous- you have to buy all the way up to the digital tier before you can order HD. FiOS is coming to my house next week (they ran the cable yesterday), but they don't have TV permission yet. I hate to invest in the Dish DVR with FiOS right around the corner. . . only thing I'm really missing is the NFL channel and ESPN for football- and I really only care when the Pats are on. ;-) Would be nice to have the rest of the cable networks in HD though!


What a picture... King Kong upscaled to 1080p on my HD960 DVD player into this 56" 1080P Samsung... geez and I have not even calibrated it yet.

I am also impressed with how well my analog basic cable looks....

Waiting for my OTA HD antenna to try out....

electron said:
If only MCE would support upscaling ... :(
Well I am sure my Samsung will automatically upscale it to 1080p. And some people clain that it does a better job than some DVD players out.

The video processing in the Sammy DLPs has been good right from the start- I have an original HLM507 from when they were 1st introduced. It is a very nice scaler.

I do lust after the new 1080p units though. Maybe in a year or two. I'm also liking the sound (or lack thereof ;-) of the LED units. No color wheel, no high pressure lamp.

Yep. I just can't get excited about the lease cost, DVR fee, lease initiation fee, etc. I'll wait until I have the FIOS numbers before I make my final choice.