New installation

Digger, can you list the model numbers of these Napco units? This sounds like something my spouse could live with.
It is the Freedom 64 Series. There are four versions of keypads (wireless, hardwired, bedroom and garage). You can find it on Napco's website. Its a pretty neat system. It will also be on display at the show in a few weeks in Manhatten.
Digger, I really like the system. But in Memphis, many burglars gain entrance by kicking in the back door. Does they alarm system distinguish between a kicked in door and one where the deadbolt is retracted?
I actually tested that again just yesterday with UL. If you kick in the door it goes into entry delay like any other system and you need to disarm with a FOB (4 included) or through an optional regualr keypad that really isnt necessary. The same concept was used on the previous versions since 2001 or so (I used to work at UL and I tested the original system back then).

And the PIR protects the inside of the deadbolt so you cant break in a window, walk over to the door, and unlock it to disarm the system. You do have to be careful of doors that have large glass windows that can be broken and the person reaches in and unlocks the deadbolt. In that case you need both sides of the door keyed.

To acknowledge an alarm you need the FOB which has a dallas chip in it and must be enrolled in your system (it wont work in any other system).

These systems were designed for high WAF and also for codephobics etc. They are pretty neat but again no ELK.