New Posting Rules and Regulations


EDIT: Happy April Fools Day to all of our "Good Sport" members!

Due to recent posting trends the staff of CocoonTech has decided to implement new “posting rules†for this site. The details and regulations that are to be adhered to before submitting or replying to a post are listed below.
  • You MUST address the topic referenced in the title of the post
  • You CAN NOT advertise, flame, or go “off-topic†in any of the responses.
  • You MUST have at least FIVE replies to posts credited to your account before you can post a new topic.
  • When posting technical answers you MUST also post information about where you obtained the knowledge for that answer (i.e. credibility report).
Violations to the above rules will result in:

First offense will be a warning via PM (Private Message) from the moderators.

Second offense will result in the “title†under your avatar to be changed so other members realize that you have been issued this second warning (don’t worry, we will not use phrases such as “looser†or “llamaâ€). You will also be issued a three day suspension from posting on CocoonTech.

Third offense will result in a thirty day suspension from posting on CocoonTech.

Fourth offense will result in termination of your account.

The staff of CocoonTech feels that these new rules are needed to help reestablish the credibility and overall technical flow of our site. We will announce exactly when these guidelines will be enforced.


Electron & BraveSirRobbin
CocoonTech Staff
At least have a Open Discussion forum where we can speak freely and be a community and talk about ideas without fear of damaging our account standing.

I do agree with the principals, but you handle that through forum moderators that can edit, pull or move a response. The punishment system makes human's flaws seem like malicious attempt to sabotage the forums.

Another idea would be to put a rating system on people's responses as to how helpful they were and let a longer average rating dictate who loses posting privilages. I know this takes work, and I would be ok with the rules as a temporary measure, but a more technical solution should be sought.

Not listing footnotes for information posted is the most extreme, IMHO. Everything we type is information, what needs footnotes is subjective. If you/someone requested that I edit the message and provide the information, I would be happy to do that. To find out you can no longer post because you forgot to list a link is just too harsh.

I do care about quality and edit all of my posts about 3 times on average, but if I am instantly judged and do not even have time to correct myself later, I am in real trouble.

I felt like CocoonTech was a home for me. I read the forums and try to post as must information as possible to stimulate activity to HELP the forum grow. Now I feel like I have done something bad and these rules are to silence my opinions and thoughts. Now it feels like a tech support forum for some manufacturer that is trying to reduce support costs.

I am very sad and I hope I am over reacting.
Sounds like a good way to kill these forums. If a reply must meet all your guidelines, you will most certainly lose input from newbies such as myself.

Sure hope you reconsider as I feel this place is the most informative HA site on the net as it is... why fix something that ain't broke?
Now you've gone and done it... provided specualtion and no substantiation. (No quoted source)

BSR Please remove this na'er d well. 3 days NO POSTS FOR YOU!
bfisher said:
Ummm... I might be wrong - but what day is today??
:( Well done bfisher!

PS: Ski, it's ne'er-do-well :( .

Sorry, but last's years gag was soooo lame that everyone got it right away. Had to do something different this year (maybe this was a little toooo believable)?? ;)

Posting this a little earlier than I wanted because I have to go over my friend's house today and continue helping with his new build (networking, HA install, anythingelseheaksmetodo, etc...). Thought I'd give up the gig early before we were left with no members by the day's end! :(

Take care all and Happy April Fool's Day!


Oh it was a joke!

You better read this carefully.

When you get a package wrapped in plain brown paper and no return address dont open it. Email me first and I will give you the disarm code. ;) And this is cocoontech so its not a bomb but close!

Just kidding...............

Good Joke! I wasnt even thinking of the date.
Man oh Man!... I had one foot out the front door!! It reminded me of the old BBS days when the SYSOP would have a bad day, then he wouldn't have any members! :)Well done...
And to think I was going to suggest that you needed to switch from briefs to boxers.
LOL. I couldn't guess the date within 3 days =) hahah I read the "What day is it?" and still did not get it.

I felt like someone shot my dog and I had to go be with less educated people.

I had an electrician here for about 6 hours today, I am glad he did not pull any jokes on me.

Just goes to show how much I love to post. I will write 4 paragraphs at the drop of a hat. He was waiting to kill the power while I was writing that even =)


(now delete this thread tomorrow and get rid of the evidence)
Oh, the reason I bought it so much too was Blogs like and don't let anyone post. The commenters are expected to be of staff quality... I tried for like 8 hours to get into their chatroom on the day they were giving out some invites to get comment privileges and never did.

So your joke is a reality elsewhere =)

I fell badly too. I have to admit it to the group. I didn't reply here but sent two PMs to BSR.

Hey BSR, I suppose your were laughing while reading my PMs. Which one did you enjoy best, the first or the second? <_<

However, I can say that I have an excuse. In hispanic countries (like Puerto Rico, were I live) we dont have the April's fool day. Well, not in April. We make these jokes on December 28, the Day of the Innocents.

Electron and I work very hard on this site and put up with an awfull lot of stuff trying to keep the board running free and smooth. Please don't take away the one day a year we don't have to be "politically correct" and get to release our evil inner selves! <_<