Next CQC 101/User Group Webinar, 5/2 8:30am PST

Can you come

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Combo CQC 101 (for the newbies who bought as a result of the sale) and User Group webinar on 5/2, 8:30am PST.


8:30PST-8:40 Introductions
8:40PST-9:40 CQC 101
9:40-10:30 CQC User Group Webinar.

Please reply to the poll and post here if you can make it.

klindy said:
Here's the meeting info!

Please join my meeting at
Conference Call: (712) 338-7005, access code 936-979-960
Meeting ID: 936-979-960

You need to either call in to the # above or use the VOIP option when you connect to the web conference to listen. If you've never done this, it'll take 3-4 minutes to download & install the ActiveX stub, so click the link at 8:25. I've never used the VOIP, but I will try that tomorrow.


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What about maybe, leaning toward no?

Hard to find an hour or 2 on a Sat morning, with 3 wee ones. But I'll do my best.

I may have to work that day, though - don't know yet.


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Yeah, i've got a 7 yr old & 5 yr old, so 8:30am PST is about the only possibility. Even when they were 5 & 3, they've been able to be self-sufficient for 2-3 hours; then again, by 5 the older one had figured out how to use Sage...

FYI, the times are PST, forgot to mention that. I'm not doing this at 5:30am my time, besides doesn't the world revolve around the SF Bay Area :)


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Sorry, IVB. Can't do it.

Cheering for the kids at soccer, followed by a b-day party that all 3 are invited to.

You know, if this seminar was M-F, during work hours, I could do it no problem. :)

CQC isn't on the agenda until the infrastructure is in place (security/flood sensors, audio), so I have 5 months before deciding, anyway.