NX-548e questions


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I'm new here and have been reading many articles for the last week - great info. I just bought an Elk M1EZ8 and want to get a wireless receiver to use with key FOBs. I see the NX-548e is much cheaper, and I understand that the ELK receiver has more zones AND can be located away from the main panel. My question is:

Can the NX-548e be located away from the main panel?
My panel will be in the basement (new construction, so wiring is no issue) and I would like to mount the antenna in a closet on the main floor near the garage, for better reception, about 20' of wire away. Can I do this?

I noticed this question in another post was not covered by any respondents. Does that necessarily mean no?

Thank you in advance ;)
I have my 548e located about 100 feet away from my control panel in the middle of my house. Works like a charm. If you decide to go with the Elk Wireless receiver let me know, I have a used one that didn't work on my sensors.
The key is that the NX module requires dedicated wiring to remote it whereas the Elk can remote anywhere on the Elk bus without dedicated wires.
With the ELK M1XRF2G Receiver, you can also put multiple receivers on the system for redundant reception. After the M1 receives a data packet from a receiver, all other receivers that might have received the same data packet are told to cancel their packet because the M1 already has the data packet. This reduces data bus traffic when multiple receivers are used.