Ocelot IR in port


I ran into a problem trying to use a 1/8 mono cable to connect the output of my Xantec 789-44 repeater block. I assumed I could connect directly to the ocelot IR 'in' port from the ir 'hub.' When I make this connection the Ocelot wont boot. No lights nothing..

Luckily I did read in man where it says not to hot plug any of these ports. My ocelot is still working fine.

What is the recomended way to use the IR in port? The .man says the Xantech hardware is ok. It does warn against using blaster type emitters.
I believe its a voltage match problem (one is 12 volt, the other is five).

Anyway HERE, HERE, and HERE are pretty good posts on how to get them to work together (haven't tried any of this myself). :)
kanipso said:
Ahh! IC Thanks.. Nothing is easy in this biz.
You will find the greatest skill factor is trying to "integrate" different pieces of equipment and software from different companies to perform the way you would like.