Off Topic, New car in our future...

I have been watching these little cars for a long time. ZAP is currently importing them, but the new generation, available in 2008, is looking promising. I am strongly considering one, since it doesn't make sense to drive 70 miles a day, alone, in a 3200lbs vehicle.
I've also had my eye on them for several years since I first saw them in Europe. It makes great sense since my commute is only a couple miles each way. The only downside is that only the Smart fortwo will be available at the beginning, and I could use the forfour to carry the whole family.

But, in theory, we could replace one of our regular cars with one (or even two, for under $30k) of these, as only one of me or my wife will have the kid at any point. I wonder if they have made any modifications that would allow a child seat in the passenger seat.
I knew someone that had the first hybrid car made by Honda. The "Insight" was a two seater that was a little odd looking but very economical to drive. He had a 30 or 40 mile trip each way to work (up hill both ways I am sure) and I think he averaged over 60 miles a gallon back then. Not to bad and it looked bigger than the car in the picture.

I have a Honda Civic Hybrid and I get about 30 miles a gallon around town (I have an 8 mile commute so I barely warm up the engine). On the highway I get close to 50 miles a gallon. The Prius does a lot better but I liked the Civic more.
They look great, the only problem is safety in this Hummer/Escalade world we live in.
My golf cart is bigger than that car. I would be afraid to drive it in this truck infested area.
Wow. 0-60 in over 17 seconds. :)

I'll wait for that one all-electric job that does it in 3! :blink:
Not a great test

Minor understatement.

Even if the human body could survive the impact (it won't as they video pointed out), bleeding from the massive trauma to the legs and pelvis would kill you in a few minutes anyhow.

On the good side, the car is small enough to substitute as a coffin. :) (Yeah, I know. I need help :blink: )