Older GE zwave instruction sheets?


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I picked up a couple older zwave switches from a local guy that has changed to zigbee. They have the site www.jascoproducts.com on the devices but that site has issues and just displays a text error message. Some googling led me to byjasco.com but I didn't find anything on units this old. Date codes are 0934 and 1101 which I take to be Sept 2009 and Jan 2011. Just looking for basic info on how to put in discovery mode and how to reset - I think that's about all there is on these older devices.
Units I have are
ZW1001 duplex receptacle
ZW3003 Dimmer switch
ZW4001 Relay switch

The switches have a small button below the rocker that can be pulled out (with some effort and a screwdriver to get under the lip and a light. I have read you pull it out and push it back in and then push the up rocker side 10 times to reset.

The outlets have a push button and light between the receptacles.
zw3003 is also 45606. Attaching user manual


  • 45606-manual-eng.pdf
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Thanks, dwalt! The last one isn't what I have. Apparently there are multiple products with the same ZW4001 label. Mine is a rocker switch similar to ZW3003 but not dimmable and it has an extra terminal for a special zwave unit thatfunctions as a linked switch like a 3way switch arrangement (but I don't have that extra part so that doesn't really matter). I am guessing it functions much like the ZW3003 so that manual is probably enough.