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OmniproII Upgrade


New Member
Hi, I did a self install on the OmniProII a while back, using it for home automation presently. I decided to finally get rid of the ADT system and reinstall the security to the Omni.

The panels are at opposite sides of the house so I spliced the wires from the ADT box and extended them to the Omni panel. On hook up I get the Door1 TRBL NOW message, with the door open the proper Door1 NOT RDY message appears. THE ADT had no EOLR's at the panel but I have no idea if they are installed at the door contact. The Omni is set to no resistors.

Can anyone tell me if there is a way I can troubleshoot this with minimum test equipment or if I will have to call in the professionals?



Active Member
I have the Omni Pro II installed and my contacts are NC (Normally closed) which means that I use a 1K resister in series with the contact. The resistor is installed EOL at the contact NOT at the panel. My panel is set to resisters = YES.