OnQ GreyFox Status LED's


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I'm in the process of installing my Greyfox Intercom system and I have an issue I thought someone here might have seen before. I've got the main console, brain, and one room unit wired up on the bench right now. Everything works fine except that the status LED's on the main console unit are all orange/amber. Per the manual this means the unit is in monitor mode and the Intercom is active. It should be Red when Muted and Green when the Talk button is depressed. But they are just solid amber across the board. All of the functions work the way they should, just the LED's are not correct.

Any ideas?

I put a few of these in before the Russound ComPoint stuff came out. I remember the punch downs could be a little finicky and could cause problems like that if teh wires were'nt terminated really well.