Outdoor keypad mounting options


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Does anyone know of a nice outdoor mounting gang box for the LED touchpads for the Nuvo Grand Cocerto and a channel vision volume control? I tried to search the forums and Google it, but was unsuccesful.

Any links would be appreciated.

I'm assuming surface mount? I was thinking maybe Wiremold stuff, but it may not be deep enough - It would be close. The GC keypads don't need to be in an enclosed box.
I was hoping there was a nice clear plastic cover type of item available. I looked at one from Home Depot that they sell for outdoor outlets and switches, but it didn't look good with the sleek GC keypad. I wound up mounting 1 on the house and 1 by the pool and left them exposed. I hope they weather OK. I also was hoping that a nice box would cut down on sun glare.