Outdoor Motion Sensor ( pet immune )


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Anyone have any recommendations for an outdoor motion sensor, wireless, wired.

That will not be triggered by small animals like Cats, rabbits, ground hogs, raccoons, squirrels, birds, bats, and that is just my driveway :lol:.

I have looked but do not seem to see anything that even mentions animals.

I wish you good luck in your search. Check this post in the security forum:

If you find anything it will be OPTEX. I wrote to OPTEX, NAOCO and Visioneer with the same inquiry and Visioneer said they didn't have it. NAPCO's saleman told me to check with OPTEX because he recognizes that OPTEX is the leader in the oudoor market. OPTEX didn't respond to my question, be I could not find anything appropriate in their site. OPTEX model VX-402 might work in some situations and BX-80N might work in other applications, but none of them follow the typical format.

Good luck and please, post it here if you find something else.
Skibum said:
So what you are looking for is a motion sensor that does not detect motion..... :lol:
NO - he wants a insensitive motion sensor that way only small pets and dwarves can rob his house :)
Actually I am looking for a motion sensor that will not turn on the outside lights for all the small pets and dwarfs.

It seems they like having light to work at night with. :lol:

That would be nice, I think even a 40lb pet immune sensor would be fine.

I see optex has one vx-402R the wireless one states it is pet immune, I can only guess the wired vx-402 is also pet immune. But dang they are expensive over a hundred bucks a peice.

Has anyone ever attempt to weather proof an indoor motion sensor and used it outside ?

It might be cheaper to tag all the animals with rfid tags so they can be ignored. :blink:

deranged said:
Has anyone ever attempt to weather proof an indoor motion sensor and used it outside ?
My understanding (for what its worth) is that the cost difference between an indoor and an outdoor sensor has much more to do with the optics and the ability to handle the 10,000 LUX of a sunny day, rather than simple waterproofing . Of course, the $20 floodlight ones at HomeDepot/Lowes obviously don't have the high quality stuff like accuracy and pet immunity, otherwise you could use them.
What about waterproofing an indoor sensor? I bought some electrical waterproofing spray to waterproof some volume controls a few months ago. Works great, though we don't really get much rain here in AZ.

The spray is called ElectroShield.

Sure would be a LOT less expensive than buying the waterproof sensors.