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My brand new M1G's keypad has an "OVER CURRENT" message that refuses to go away, even after I reduced connections to a serial expander, input expander and keypad plus 4 sensors.
I used Menu 8 to ensure I'm not exceeding the allowed draw- it reads 638mA which should be fine. I've checked all the connections to ensure there is no DC short circuit; it's all using short lengths of Cat5e (everything within a yard of the main unit at the moment) and it looks OK. The bus is wired in serial with the proper terminating resistor.
I've also got a listen-in interface, but as far as I can tell that doesn't count for the allowed aux current draw.

Any suggestions about what to do next? Everything works properly but I keep getting the irritating "OVER CURRENT" message all the time.
You may have accidently shorted a line and then corrected the wiring. So now everything looks ok but you still have the trouble message. The M1 uses PTC protection so no harm is done to the panel if you accidently short a line.

Try shutting off the panel and turning it back on and it should clear the trouble message.

If you have already done that then try using the process of elimination and disconnect one line at a time and shutting off the panel and turing it back on to isolate the problem.
Thanks for the quick response! I've turned it on and off several times without success. If it is a cabling issue, I suspect it's in the bus, because I've already tried disconnecting all the sensors.
I've also received an answer elsewhere to check the power supply. Could a power supply cause an aux overload condition?
Get the latest version of M1 software also.

If a ptc fuse has opened. it will need to cool down to restore and clear the overload.

I am using my new UT Starcom pocket computer. Really nice. Typing is still slow.
The overcurrent message is really for an overload on an output if I remember correctly. I dont think you have a problem with the PS. Can you hook just one keypad to the KP Bus and nothing else to the panel and see if the problem clears. Then add things back and see if you identify the problem that way?
Thanks for the responses. I disconnected all the sensors and devices and left just the keypad connected. Switching the unit back on = still OVER CURRENT(!)
I know this sounds silly but try and arm and disarm and see if the trouble is cleared that way. I really dont think you have a problem with the panel itself. The M1 is a pretty tough panel and hard to damage.

If you dont clear this up tonight give ELK a call tomorrow. They are very easy to work with and value their customers.
Digger, no joy- with everything disconnected except the Keypad, and after disabling all the sensors in RP so I could arm the panel(!) the OVER CURRENT is still there. All that's left is to reconnect the keypad in case its Cat5 is at fault, but that seems unlikely.
OK, cable to keypad renewed but still OVER CURRENT, though the System reports 440mA only. I'm wondering if a PTC fuse is faulty or stuck open- except that the aux connections seem to work fine.

The only other option is the transformer supplied with the unit- a Ness 17V AC, 1400mA transformer for 240V. Do I need a bigger power supply?
The M1 itself only uses about 200 mA, a keypad about 100 mA or so depending on the brightness.

The recommended PS is 45VA so yours is a little small but if you went to jsut the M1 and a keypad it should have been able to handle it.

Try calling ELK.
Thanks, Digger - done.

This is my first time on this board and I'd have to say: AWESOME. Thanks to everybody for all the advice!
Digger, I can see it is a great panel. My first "big" project is to program a F key to change the keypad's area!
Just wondering ...

Is the batttery connected ??..... and if so is it connected correctly ??

Was also thinking if this is the first time you have powered up the panel would the battery require some charging up ....thus giving the overcurrent alarm ???