P/T/Z Wireless Camera suggestions?

I am thinking that the above type of camera would be best for home security.

I am going to need 5 cameras for my home and was thinking that IP cameras would be great.

Are the cctv dvr systems any better or worse then going the ip network camera route?

Any thoughts? Camera Suggestions?

Thanks for the help.
PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras are great for when you have a human operator, i.e. a security guard, or for fun & games. But, if you are using them to go straight to a recorder, Murphy's law says they will be pointed in the wrong direction with something "interesting happens". So make sure they have some method to always go back to the position you want to record from after X minutes of PTZ inactivity or use some software to get them aimed properly. Unless any of these actually have motion tracking software built into the camera now?