Powering the ELK-WSV


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I read a few prior posts on this but didn't see a definitive answer... For those of you with this device and who don't have the amperage to spare from the elk (i/m at over .6Amps now and adding more smokes, water sensors, motions on top of that so that's out for me), are you using battery backup for this? I see 3 options:

1) a panel like the P112K - don't reallt want to pay for it nor deal with the wiring issues in terms where i'd have to place unless i really need to

2) elk p-1216 power supply - would lose battery backup. I have one panel which has a UPS for A/C power, but with the existing 16V Elk wart and the M1, i don't have room for this in there - so it has to go in one of my other enclosures (preferably the one closest to water main/garage).

3) drop a battery and the ELK-P624 into my existing panel (where i'd have a relay to control this from as well) - but what's the chance i'm going to sprink a leak when the power is out?

Anyways what did you do?

I would get something like THIS and distribute the power with something like THIs.

You will have the battery backup and safe fused distribution to your sensors and such (important when using a supply of high amp capability). I would also connect the grounds between that power supply and the Elk M1's ground. Let's see what others say...
Just seems like a lot of juice for a device that may never needed (unless i add video or something)...

In addition to the .6 amps i'm running now (and periodic output draw for the relays, strobe), the other devices should still be within Elk's limits .07a(for 10 smokes), .15A (for 10 or so water sensors), and .25A (for 10 or so motions) (* Only concern is the amerage the water's would draw for alarm... GRI's website states 400-500mA max during alarm is i'm reading "switching current" or "alarm current" correctly. Yikes - that can't be what the unit pulls? Anyway outside of that i should be ok i think...