PowerLinc USB - 1132CU


Does anyone have any experience with this interface? Apparently you don't need the computer running 24/7 since it has onboard memory. I assume however if you are running a web server to access from the internet, it would not serve that function?

Correct. Computer would need to be on to access web interface.

I was about ready to disagree with you about the internal memory. Then I pulled out the docs. I'll be damned....it does. But it ready a little confusing:

from doc:

NOTE: PuwerLinc USB does not have any built-in intelligence; you must use a program running on the computer to make the home automation desicions.

Use PowerLinc Controller for applications that require computer-free operations. It contains internal memory.........

Will have to do a little research on this one.
The 1132U controller cannot run as a stand alone. The 1132CU can. The HA software that you are using has to support the feature of downloading the program to the 1132. Smarthome allows this, Home Control Assistant allows this in a somewhat limited manner, Homeseer does not support this feature.

YUp. On the CD that came with the PowerLinc is a program called SmartHome Manager [PowerLinc Controller]. Apparently you can store SOME timers on the PowerLinc. WOW. Never even looked at the CD.

But you're correct. The computer must be up to access anything remotely.

I have the 1132U usb interface.

I was going to get the 1132CU but if you look into the basic SmartHome software a bit I don't think it allows you to use any conditions (like specifying night or day only events or if/then conditions) and I don't think their software has any voice stuff built into it.

And you have to buy the Smarthome plus version as an extra so it didn't like like too good of a deal.

Let me know what you think about it after you've investigated a little more ?

Also price it out at www.automatedoutlet.com - they beat Smarthome 's prices most of the time !