Q&A chat session with Ube

Bauer said:
Are you sure about the scenes?  On the webpage they talk about scenes using the from the app and not being triggered from the switch it self.
Currently M2M communication is instigated by mulit-touch gestures as follows: (requires no other SW/HW interaction once provisioned)
single finger swipe = adjusts local dimmer / switchleg
two finger swipe = adjusts dimmers with same location name (room)
pinch open/closed = fade on/off all ube dimmers.
Scenes are currently executed from the app or 3rd party controller.
Evening all...  as many of you know I have backed this project.  I am planning on putting 40+ Ube switches in my new home build with an OmniPro II.  
I also purchased haiku and haikuhelper as my middleware between the systems.  I had a bunch of integration questions about the API - most of which have already been flushed out in the recent conversation on this thread, but Utz offered to call me and discuss my project and theirs.
This morning Utz called and we talked for quite some time.  I really don't have much to add to this conversation that hasn't already been discussed except for it was nice talking to Utz and it made me more confident in my decision to back the project.
As Ube has already told us in one of their recent updates they are targeting becoming a platform and not just switches.  That is what has me most interested.
utzbaldwin said:
yes, currently our prototypes are broadcasting UDP
Good, that makes life easier for us with integration. Any concerns about UDP unreliability or out-of-order messaging?